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Our Guarantee 

Your new kitten will come with a contract explaining the health guarantee and what is expected from us and you as the buyers. We do guarantee against any congenital defects for 3 years and HCM for 5 years. Should your kitten be affected with a congenital defect or HCM within the guaranteed timeline, you will receive a replacement kitten. A Deposit must be placed to hold your baby, deposits are non-refundable but can be moved on to a new litter, Your new kitten will arrive Healthy and loved, we run stool samples on all our litters, your new baby will come with,

1. A Contract with heath guarantee 

2. A bag of thier favorite toys

3. A baby blanket with mom's smell

4. 2 vaccines

5. deworming at 4 and 6 weeks

6. Vet check at 10 weeks

7. Microchip

8. TICA Registration with pedigree

9. Photos of your baby and weekly Videos

10. Bag of food and homemade Raw

11. 30 Trupanion health insurance

12. Copies of parents Helth screen reports, HCM and Genetic report

13. Stool PCR on every litter

14. Life time support!

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